Monday, August 08, 2005

Just chillin our last day in Cuzco

Terraced gardens at Machu Picchu

Early morning on Inca Trail


Arequipa's famous monastary

Colca Canyon

Mis angelitas

Los ninos de quinto clase

Ninos de nuestra escuela

Quinto clase

El MIrador

Los voluntarios de SKIP

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Happy trails come to an end

After living it up in Beverly Hills with Allie, throwing it up in Laguna Beach with Noel and Katrina (long story I'd rather not discuss) and catchin up in Ktown with Dipti, we headed up the coast on Route 1. Our first stop was beautiful Santa Barbara, where we couldn't find parking that didn't cost mucho dinero, so we just cruised on through the quaint little town. Next we had our first taste of In and Out Burger. Jonathan agrees, the shakes are great. Then, we drank in the beauty of the California coast. The ocean was at it's bluest and the road at it's curviest. This is by far the most beautiful stretch of highway in the 48 US states (Hawaii definitely takes the cake). We landed in San Francisco, a city where I've always dreamed of one day living in since I first read Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City, just in time for dinner with our cousins the Root-Chang's. We had a crash course in wedding planning and got freebie balcony seats to see the SF ballet's Romeo and Juliet. So many good friends also live in SF, so for cinco de mayo, we hung out in the Mission with Roger, Elspeth, and Annie. It's been so nice to just catch up with old friends from EC, who know us both, especially after months of meeting strangers - although they've been friendly strangers, but not the same. I think I could one day move to SF. Now, we're ending our trip in the Pacific NorthWest, where they have the biggest trees I've ever seen. Jonathan's had the privelege of driving thru a huge tree in the past, but our day out hiking and driving with Dagan to the Hoh rainforrest (yes, the HO!) was when I got to have my fill of these BIG guys. It is sad to drive by all of the clearcutting, which looks like tree graveyards and makes the hippie, tree-hugger inside of me cringe. Johannes and Daniel Sutherland welcomed us with open arms, and Daniel gave us a 5-star tour of Portland. I think I could live there too. *We'll be home soon - Philly and GB - and hope to see all of those people we've been missing for the last 8 months. Until the next travels, stay tuned.

Dagan and Jonathan climb a mamoth tree in the great northwest. Posted by Hello

Pike's Place market, Seattle. Posted by Hello

After a BBQ at Illona and Paolo's house, with Elspeth, S.F. Posted by Hello

Roger and Jonathan on cinco de mayo, S.F. Posted by Hello

Big Sur, on the way to San Fran. Posted by Hello

Desperate housewives. Posted by Hello

Oh boy. Visiting Katrina and Noel in the OC. Posted by Hello

Sunset Plaza after Mariposa Azul. Posted by Hello

Matthew and us at dinne in Hawaii. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 29, 2005

Tidbits, Insights and Hoo Haa's!

Well, here we are in LA, hangin with our homies, spending some QT with cuties like Alethea, Nadia, Dipti, Katrina, and of course Noel. Hawaii was, well, quite wonderful (it being Hawaii and all). We had some fun catching huge waves on an outrigger, driving around the island of Oahu in a cadillac, visiting the gorgeous North Shore, spending time with Jonathan's dad Matthew, and eating fresh Ahi. For the record, we also probably spent more money in just 3 weeks in Hawaii than we did during our 3 months in India. Damn, this country is so expensive! Last nite we "Dined Out for Life" at the Astro Burger. 40% of the money we spent on dinner went towards much needed HIV/AIDS organizations in the LA area. This event happens once a year, usually the last Thursday in April in nearly every major US city. Check it out for next year - Anyways, because of time and money constraints, we will not be doing our much anticipated cross country trip. Instead, we are just going to do the West coast and then fly home. To all those who live in between, we apologize, but expect to see your butts in Philly instead. We'll post pics as soon as can. Lots of love.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Well, folks, as most of you already know, we have decided to cut our overseas trip short and head back to the good 'ol U.S. of A. But don't be disappointed, you devoted blog fans, because our first stop will be Hawaii, then LA, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Boulder, Chicago, DC, and Philly, so more pics and brilliant commentary will be added as we go. We decided since most of our "friends" don't live anywhere near us and Allison has never been cross country, that we would have to make the journey as a grand finale for our 'round the world trip'. So if you live in any of those places and you are our "friend", shoot us an email so we can crash on your floor.

Thailand, although short, has been a blast. It is very different from India and is more developed than Philadelphia. I bought a Rolex, Allison has a new Miu Miu purse, and we only spent 20 bucks. The south was beautiful, but it was so hot I had to seek refuge under the shade of my bushy 'stache. Anyways, enjoy the pics. Peace.

Mopeding through the jungle on Koh Pangan. Posted by Hello

Wat Poh, Bangkok. Posted by Hello

A demon at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Posted by Hello

Allison doing her secret Asian handshake with an elephant in Bangkok. Posted by Hello

The 'stache takes on Koh Pangan. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Goodbye India, Hello Thailand

Okay, so apparently you all like to read things on this blog as well as see our amazing photos. We just left India, and can't believe it. It's sad to say goodbye to the country that both Jonathan and I have come to love (by the way, have you seen his mustache?!). If you've never been to India, then you should definitely visit, and see more than just what we've shown you through our trip - Kerala, Chennai, Jammu and Kashmir, Calcutta and so much more. Oh, and some of you have been wondering about our engagement - how it happend, and all of that. We can give the full story when we get back, but let's just say that everything was perfect. Jonathan was actually planning on proposing in Thailand, but my moody persistence made him determine that the time was best while in India, particularly Dharamsala. Now when we look back on it, we'll always remember that we decided to get married in one of the most holy places for a Tibetan Buddhist, near the Dalai Lama, in a monastery (that's where we were living) surrounded by monks, with the highest peaks in the world as our backdrop. Yeah, it's pretty disgustingly amazing, isn't it?!

Now we've made it to Bangkok, where its hot and humid and there is the same friendly feeling from people that we received in India. We'll be spending a couple of days in Bangkok, and then we're heading down to the island of Koh Phangan to relax, cause we just haven't been relaxing enough. Unfortunately, we won't be making it to Taiwan, China, or Mongolia this time around, but have made some very important contacts in each of these places and are hoping to visit them on our next big trip. Our next stop will be Hawaii to visit Jonathan's dad and then we're coming back to the mainland to visit our friends and loved ones in LA - San Francisco - Portland - Seattle - Denver/Boulder - Chicago - D.C. - Philly - NYC - GB. If you live in or around one of these places (and you like us and we like you) please let us know and we'll swing by. Until then, or the next blog update - take care!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama entering Namgyal Monastery. Posted by Hello

March 10, Tibetan Uprising Day, McLeod Ganj. Posted by Hello

A holy man in Dharamsala. Posted by Hello

Rickshawin-it thru Delhi with Tso Ser Rinpoche. Posted by Hello

Bad asses on the train from Gaya. Posted by Hello